Puerto Rican composer, guitarist, and "cuatro" player Carlos Bedoya received a grant from the Meet the Composer Fund to stimulate the creation of original music for the artistic productions of DanzActiva, a non-profit corporation for which he works as Musical Director. Bedoya, born of a Spanish father and a Puerto Rican mother, obtained this award in order to pursue his work of demonstrating through his compositions the profound influence of Andalucía in Puerto Rico. The most recent samples of this work are: Encuentro de pies, tambores y faldas, winner of the Latin Ace Award of the Association of Latino Cultural Critics of New York City, and the workshop-performance Danzas de la Tierra, (see bottom of this page)

in which Bedoya combines modern dance, ballet, flamenco "bomba" and kathak (classical dance from India) with live music, performed by Modesto Nieves and Tony "Mapeyé" Rivera, among others, to demonstrate the ancient links betweens those genres. El premio The Meet the Composer award aims to strengthen the connections between living composers, the musicians who perform their works, talent promoters and audiences. It supports the active involvement of the composers in the performance of their music. Its purpose is to promote the public's recognition of the people who are behind the creative process.

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Meet the Composer allows the composers to obtain more substantial projects and to develop stronger and more durable relationships with talent promoters and producers.

Other Puerto Rican composers, like Nicky Aponte and William Cepeda, have been recognized by this Fund. Cepeda is a recipient of the Meet the Composer New Residencies Award that supports his creative work in Puerto Rico for a period of three years.
Left Carlos Bedoya foto below the performers from Danzas de la Tierra.

Los artistas que participan en Danzas de la Tierra: (de izquierda a derecha) Modesto Nieves, cuatro Tony (Mapeye) Rivera, trovador Paulette Beauchamp, bailarina y coreógrafa Carlos Bedoya, guitarra, cuatro y director musical, Joey González, percusión y cantante, José Luis Giles, cantaor flamenco, David Marrero, percusión puertorriqueña, flamenca, tabla y cantante Las hermanas Rivera: Krizia, Natalia e Ivonne, baile, palmas y voces.